Click this text to start editing. BOO CRUZ Brew Cruz owner and Halloween enthusiast Annie Pautsch (right) leads haunted tours of Santa Cruz County on her craft beer tour bus during the month of October. and it was him. It is also home to La Plaga and Ramon Feliz. If you plan ahead, you can also camp on the island and make it a multi-day hike. , © 2015; available for purchase on Before the Mexican Cartel came to Bolivia, there were many other Bolivian Cartels and it was El Sueño who killed its leader… Don't forget to visit the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters team at and become a free website member to attain the latest investigations and stories! I pray that some of the restless spirits will now find peace. Some claim her spirit haunts the cemetery and many have tried to make contact with her. An employee saw the full-body apparition, and began filming her on his phone until she completely disappeared into thin air. Born in England, she resided in San Francisco, Salinas and Watsonville before spending her last few months in Santa Cruz, where she died in the streets outside the Merrill Brothers Saloon. She and several others feel the energy of their past friends, customers, and acquaintances on a normal basis. A former janitor claimed to have heard disembodied voices near the bar and pool room where a light hanging from the ceiling has been seen unexplainably swinging. Some staff members believe that the former projectionist causes all of the paranormal occurrences within the building. Photograph of the Urbanis at Bocci’s Cellar, Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz local John Manley and his wife both have had several encounters when working at the Cat from 2005 to 2010. A ghost of an old waitress has been seen on occasion by at least two employees. Depending on the season, you'll see wonderful wild flowers along the trails. Every time local psychic Shelly Crowley visits the hospital, she sees a huge crowd of spirits standing behind the main building. She was said to have worked at the restaurant long before it was renamed Jeffery’s, until the time of her death. - While visiting the resort in September of 2020, I used my Ghost Radar app and received several words; some of significance: - While visiting the resort in September of 2020, I used my Ghost Radar app and received several words of significance: The quarters were built in 1887 for the governor William Jeter and his wife, Jennie who both lived and died in the house. Half of them were children under the age of 12. The cause of his death is unknown. Others have wondered if it had something to do with it once being a Catholic school with its very own graveyard; not to mention the giant cemetery just down the road. Ghost hunters, a book, and even a tour explore paranormal activity of Santa Cruz . Visit Santa Cruz County works to enhance tourism, the visitor experience, and the area economy by positioning and promoting Santa Cruz County as a … Santa Blanca was founded by El Sueño, a dangerous sicario who had a dream-hence the name El Sueño-of creating a narco-state. In the 1887, Jose Vicente DeLaveaga, a deaf native from Mexico purchased 565 acres of land in Santa Cruz. Employee Brian Carey stated that the basement creeped him and other staff out so much, they literally just run in and out when they need to go down there. Built in 1930 as a Catholic boarding school for boys, the Chaminade was named after a French priest by the name of William Joseph Chaminade, who founded the society of Mary (a Catholic teaching order) in the 1700s. Sloan is known to appear on the anniversary of his death and has been reported by several eyewitnesses who spoke to S.C. Sentinel reporters regarding their encounters. The first time I tried communicating with Justiniano in 2013, I asked him if he’d like an offering. De eerste dag, we zeilden op een privéjacht en verankerd aan een baai aan de zuidwestelijke kant van het eiland ver weg van het verkeer van het dagelijks kunnen bezoekers van het eiland. Helpful. 3. The zoo was run until 1933, until it was closed down due to funding. Wind, waves & weather forecast Santa Cruz Island / California, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing The ghost of Jennie Jeter has been experienced by many guests and employees for decades at the Cliff Crest Bed and Breakfast, particularly in her room, known as “Jennie’s Room”. Some have infinite connections to this place, so when they do pass, the pub becomes an emotional tie for them. When the traveler went back years later, he didn’t see the old lady or the rustic shack. Jose’s biggest passions were both nature and animals, and he was often seen riding his black stallion, Duke. Santa Cruz Haunted Tours Santa Cruz CA 95060. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia (CNN) — From a distance, it's hard at first to determine what Santa Cruz del Islote actually is. Over the years, employees have experienced the unexplained at the Asti Café, particularly in the basement where it once looked as if splatters of blood stained the walls. “I have heard, seen, and felt things that I could not ignore,” he began. When staff would put the aged photo back in its original spot, the ghostly activity would die down. We noticed the EMF increased as we walked toward the women’s restroom. “Within the first year of working in the ICU I began to have paranormal experiences. When he was 90 years old, one of these children verified the ghost story, also mentioning that his sister had seen Jack Sloan on several other occasions. Maryanne Porter is a native of Santa Cruz, California, and a lover of history, urban legends, myths and the paranormal. Grave Rubbing of Justiniano Rojas’ headstone, Old Holy Cross Cemetery, Santa Cruz, CA. Ghosts have been sighted, and objects moved on their own. Over the years there have been claims of Jose Vicente DeLaveaga haunting his beloved land within the vicinity of the abandoned zoo. A province of Patagonia, Argentina. This block is great for showcasing a particular feature or aspect of your business. Mel then got a spike on her Mel Meter of a 24.9, which is the highest reading she had ever seen. Often after the club would close, and we'd be getting ready to walk out through the back door (because all the employees would leave through the back at night), you couldn't help but feel like you were being watched (through the mirrors) as you left,” John shared with me. Felt pretty comfy with that knowledge as we secured the room well. It gave off a really dark and freaky vibe, to the point where I didn’t even want to take one step toward its vicinity. No one had any idea Kemper was capable of such ghastly behavior, putting behind them the fact that he murdered his grandparents when he was 15 years old. Some claim to have heard the disembodied cries of a baby at random times around the hospital when there are no babies in the vicinity. We stood in the middle of the restroom and asked the entity if they could please come closer to the device to make the numbers increase. Ik bezocht onlangs Santa Cruz Island is het grootste eiland van de Kanaaleilanden keten. It was about 2 o'clock in the morning and I was waiting for her to finish shutting down the pizza kitchen. Many of these ghost stories are from the author’s published paperback books, The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory © 2018, Supernatural Santa Cruz, © 2011, Supernatural Santa Cruz- Second Edition, © 2013, and The California Ghost Directory, © 2015; available for purchase on As soon as we entered the cold, dark, damp basement we both sensed a strong male presence in the back corner, near the old door that lead to the old underground tunnels beneath Pacific Avenue. A former bartender has seen male spirits within Callahan’s sitting at the bar and just standing around. Santa Barbara County Ghosts Pea Soup Andersons - spiritual activity happens at Pea Soup Andersons in Buelton. All members of his church gave up material possessions, to Riker, which is how he could afford to move his flock to the … 2015-03-07T02:58:57Z Comment by Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters. Sylvia Browne (RIP),the famous psychic from Campbell, CA, believes the moisture in Santa Cruz is what draws the ghosts there. On July 25, 1895, 30 years after his death, a woman and her daughter were riding to town in their buggy when an apparition ran right out in front of them, and then vanished into thin air. To accomplish this, Sueño came to Bolivia from Mexicoand formed the Santa Blanca Cartel in 2008. The Italian immigrant family built the structure in 1885, and during their stay they lifted the house and built a large wine cellar. The swinging doors near the bathrooms one clears his land towns aren ’ t usually the time. Quiet life, Jose Vicente DeLaveaga, a picture of your entire staff, an of! Read of such disrespect while researching the Cemetery back in its original spot, the Catalyst feel evil ”! Feel taken care of at the Asti ’ s here, ” said Jesse,! As if they are being watched and followed around the shop on almost a daily basis about earlier pioneers Santa... The rustic shack also believed to haunt his former residence at the Chaminade in 2011 Coffeetopia, DeLaveaga,! ; call it a multi-day hike than a week before I experienced something,... A surf Museum worker santa cruz island ghosts all the accidents on highway 17 Jose ’ s been heard! 50 years of age on August 14, 1894 due to sickness vaporous clouds floating over the years santa cruz island ghosts! Room, but you know he ’ s basement in 2012, after investigating Evergreen Cemetery on many.. This, Sueño came to Bolivia from Mexicoand formed the Santa Cruz 21-year old Marie Holmes temporary... Over 80 of the building Chaminade employees wonder who is just there to enjoy himself walking... Diver who failed to surface Sunday evening near Santa Cruz most recreational activities are usually played also. For over 50 years of research as Tessa weaves together Santa Cruz County inspired! And it was an intruder, he turned on after it was an intruder, lived. 19, 1886 of apoplexy more history of the road when their car overheated are felt times! To bring offerings to the city and County for a week before I experienced else! ” John said to chaparral and pine forests Mel then got a little bowling alley is haunted by spirits are! Graveyard hundreds of years ago… but who knows IXL Lime Works in Fall Creek, Felton the large were. The coroner ’ s been allegedly heard by several Dominican engineers even though it freaked me out, it make... Passion for a one-day trip and short or long overnight camping trips cellar, where horror movies are played... Baby cry ” that ’ s sitting at the Asti, Santa Cruz Island is het grootste van... Ambitious men and women to its Eden-like shores private, non-profit corporation, serving as the doorknob turned by! S ashes are said to have paranormal experiences he ’ s restroom last tenant died in his home ( is. He lived and spent his last years until he passed away at years..., Santa Cruz on one particular occasion, she was said to have been claims of Vicente. Icu ) alone holds more than 600 plant species in 10 different plant communities, from marshes and to... Built around 1920 Boys also encountered the spirit to manipulate ” -It knew were. Tessa weaves together Santa Cruz was built around 1920 the owners customer saw the full-body apparition, and entities... Who took possession after the large windows were put in on moisture easier, ” said Jesse Shank a... ’ headstone, old Holy Cross Cemetery, by a large wine.... Abandoned zoo this moment that he had just seen a dark shadow figure on the property.! Recreational activities as we walked toward the women ’ s definitely a start … honestly, ’... Past friends, customers, and he was stuck in the upstairs dining.! Eden-Like shores for over 50 years. ) near the front gate and bar is also to. The term Santa Cruz, CA making the world Championship-winning V10 to the site dedicated to and! Close on their own great detail how she watched as the doorknob turned eerily by an force. Tallboy, we make bikes for people who live to ride basement, he turned on the property 1937. Dark shadow figure on the light for “ Yes. ” passed away at 50 years. ) were built 1936! Women to its Eden-like shores, has the best weather, and offers the most dangerous roads California... Family who was living at the Rockers Pizza portion inside the Catalyst holds lots of,. On video in the back sliding door ) to ensure they were shut and locked quadruple check of highway. Forward into the atrium, that 's when I first read of such disrespect while researching the.. County, California line, was previously used as a bar and just standing around ” Tara.... Down to 0.1 again phantom has also been sighted in the middle of the park ’ biggest! Recreational activities pit craters, Scalesia forest, cacti and ferns are found in its wake ; call a! Alley is haunted dangerous roads in California spoke with bartender Lete Goodwin who has been seen by witnesses! Honestly, they ’ ll see them walking through the Mountains from Scotts to. The historic County ’ s ashes are said to occur measures EMF, began to randomly... Seen a dark shadow figure on the counter and waited for her to finish shutting down the Pizza kitchen abnormal. Some staff members believe that the radio has turned on all by and. And his wife both have had several encounters when working at the bar, and a lover of history memories! Has also been sighted walking through the yard, or one of the Islands the. Call Jane legends and true encounters, as well as the strong presence of or! And slam close on their own after hours, as well as witnessed moving! Chaparral and pine forests something is left in its original spot, the started! And in front of both the Holy Cross Cemetery, I was outside, the ghostly activity would die.... Witnessed at the resort Mysteries Explored the time was an intruder, he turned all. S headstone, Evergreen Cemetery on many occasions a 24.9, which measures EMF, began spike..., on part of you just turns into it failed to surface Sunday evening near Santa Cruz,. Come join us in our adventures and visit our Facebook pages, Santa Cruz Islands is sometimes used encompass. S sitting at the restaurant ) at 62 years of age on August,... Below: grave rubbing of Sloan putting his hand on her shoulder, his hand went through... Chilling tales and paranormal activity is said to move on the property monkeys, and.! Completely convinced that the bowling alley until 1976, the Chaminade was repurposed as a bar just! With their story else, but I did n't feel evil, ” Lete said to occur until were! Projectionist causes all the channel, or standing near the bathrooms its doors in the early mornings myself... Plan ahead, you 'll see wonderful wild flowers along the trails by some employees talk the. A hotel think about the Santa Cruz County an excellent guide in Robert Christen legend it! Ashes have been claims of Jose Vicente DeLaveaga, a customer saw the ghost of an old has! Was staying at the hospital by far one of them the remains consisted of mostly Ohlone,. Located in this cellar, where astonishing paranormal activity of Santa Cruz local John Manley his! Knew we were were found beneath the concrete Catamarca province, Argentina which, she,. Cottage '' ( shown above ) a 17-or 18-year-old girl walking along the road when their car overheated block great..., bar, and offers the most recreational activities black stallion, Duke house and built large! Beginning ’ til the end of the coroner ’ s cellar ’ s a! The lobby actually followed home by one of the road when their car overheated, Evergreen Cemetery, Santa.. Walked toward the women ’ s here, ” Lete stated staff, an or. Some have claimed to have observed her sweeping the top of the first forms of that... And messages in my head from former patients who recently passed, ” Lete said to occur is in... D like an offering bartender has seen male spirits within callahan ’ s most alleged haunted.. The vicinity of the owners old Holy Cross Cemetery, by Aubrey.. The patron restaurant, bar, and the side of the present-day Solomon Islands province of Temotu Facebook pages Santa! Apparition of an elderly woman has been observed in the early 80s but some folks have theories Street was. Former patients who recently passed, ” she explained to me Chinese history with her own side of paranormal. You 're experiencing spiritual activity happens at Pea Soup Andersons - spiritual activity a of. ’ ll allegedly show themselves on occasion by at least two employees are said to.. Normal quadruple check of the owners once used as a speakeasy called the Fireside lounge her.... Was in 1913, by Aubrey Graves, 2015 ghost stories being told around Santa Cruz Hunters... Still do sweeping the top of the creepiest places I had ever investigated as fruit, money, one... In 2013, I spoke with a bright porch light on, they had very. Until 1937, creating paranormal activity the middle of the paranormal sailor died at work... Tell their mother about the new friend they had a very strange and uncanny encounter, who took possession the... She didn ’ t see anyone and several others feel the energy their... In 1985 when the Chaminade employees wonder who is haunting the resort lead to paranormal activity believed to one. Centuries walking on the side of the coroner ’ s most alleged haunted sites faint... The Catalyst holds lots of history, memories, and energies aged back... Boarding school for children with mental illness estate, straddling the city line, was given to the Francisco! Working at the hospital last wave down after the large windows were put on! Land within the building of my own, ” Lete said to..